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6 weeks challenge

Capstone Project Course in the Coursera Inspirational Leadership Specialization!

In this course, you’ll have the opportunity to apply the valuable skills you’ve learned throughout the Specialization to tackle a real-world leadership challenge over the next 6 weeks. To help you achieve your goals in completing this Specialization, we have designed one capstone project: the Personal Leadership Challenge.

During the capstone project, you’ll choose a specific challenge to work on, which will allow you to assess and enhance your skills, including:

Self-awareness: Gain a deeper understanding of your strengths and weaknesses as a leader.
Developing quality relationships and trust: Learn how to foster meaningful connections with others to build a strong foundation of trust and collaboration.
Resilience: Strengthen your ability to bounce back from setbacks and challenges, demonstrating your adaptability as a leader.
Sense of responsibility in decision-making: Understand the weight of responsibility that comes with making crucial leadership decisions.

Your personal leadership challenge can be related to any ambitious goal you have set for yourself, such as starting a company, running a project, designing a product, winning a competition, or even running a marathon. Whatever you choose, the capstone project will guide you in analyzing and critiquing the problem you face in pursuit of your goal.

The process for developing your business plan will follow the step-by-step relational circuit model introduced in MOOC2 “Giving Sense to Your Leadership Experience” and MOOC3 “Leading Organizations.” It consists of two phases: Exploration and Projection.

Exploration Phase:

1. Holistic Perception: You will engage in a comprehensive assessment of the problem, using your perceptual and intuitive skills to gain a broader perspective and understand the situation as a whole.

2. Analytical Understanding: The second stage involves utilizing your analytical skills to dissect and comprehend each component and relevant data that contributes to defining the situation.

3. Relational Skills: In the third stage, you’ll apply your relational skills to connect your subjective perception with your analysis, making sense of the problem as a whole. Sharing the results of this exploration with your peers will provide valuable feedback before moving forward.

Projection Phase:

1. Decentering the Problem: You will explore different scenarios by decentering the problem in time and space, considering various perspectives and potential outcomes.

2. Benchmark and Competitive Analysis: Utilizing benchmarking and competitive analysis, you’ll work on formulating possible outcomes for your projected scenarios.

3. Building Recommendations: Finally, you’ll develop recommendations that argue for a preferred scenario, aiming to create a sense of purpose and direction for your personal challenge.

This capstone project will be an exciting journey of growth and development as a leader, helping you sharpen your skills, tackle challenges, and take your leadership abilities to new heights. Let’s embark on this transformational experience together!

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