After several years of serving as a project manager, I was presented with an unexpected opportunity: to step into a team leader role at a consulting firm. Suddenly, I found myself surrounded by individuals, each with their unique needs and aspirations, all looking up to me for guidance. Not only was it crucial to meet their expectations, but it was also essential to ensure the team’s financial success. This new challenge awakened a personal goal within me: to delve deeper into the realm of leadership. I realized that to thrive in this role, seeking advice and insights from seasoned leaders was paramount. Often, it’s their practical tips that prove most valuable. It’s this very essence of collective wisdom that we strive to capture and share at KeyFutureSkills.com, through resources like books, courses, and tools.

Here at KeyFutureSkills.com, our team boasts a cumulative experience of over 50 years in leadership. Our credentials are recognized worldwide, with certifications from renowned institutions like Harvard ManageMentor and Connected Manager. This vast pool of knowledge is derived from diverse sectors and subjects, including the public sector, IT, and industrial corporations, ensuring a well-rounded perspective.

We understand that diving into leadership can be daunting, especially for those just starting out. That’s why we offer handpicked books tailored for budding leaders. Each course we recommend is curated with care, as we’ve actively participated in their selection. This ensures the content is both relevant to the challenges of leadership and aligns with the expectations modern leaders face. Additionally, we offer a complimentary “self-test” tool that helps gauge your innate leadership qualities and areas for growth.

Engage with our community and stay updated! You can connect with us on our LinkedIn and Facebook pages. For those who prefer X (formerly Twitter), we’re active there too. Join the conversation and be a part of our growing network of forward-thinking leaders.

Jonas J, founder

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